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Your Atlanta Community ToolBank will be closed Monday, July 6th in celebration of our country.

America's largest tool-lending organization, equipping fellow nonprofits for service since 1991. 

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Just $10 a month keeps volunteers working hard for us all.
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Look What You Did! Thank You Volunteers & Donors
2015 Impact Tracker
  • 24,748 Volunteers Serving Strong

  • 1,105 Community Projects Completed

  •  Too Many Smiles to Count

                      "Why do I support ToolBank? Because it WORKS!"
- Marsha Ward, ToolBank volunteer and donor since 2006


Who says you can't have it all? 

Have you ever wanted to plant a thousand new trees, or remove all the debris from your city streets? How about building a new playground for under served kids or helping a vulnerable senior stay in their own home? Have you ever wanted to be someone's hero? 

Join the Movement.  

Join Marsha and become a ToolBanker. It just makes sense. Every dollar you give to your Atlanta Community ToolBank will go right back into your community. You see, ToolBank loans over a million dollars worth of tools annually to an average of 55,000 local volunteers. And, those ToolBank powered groups complete over 2,100 service projects, each and every year. 

We're a movement of the people, collaborating to make immediate improvements in your community. Improvements built to last.

Oh, and we've been at it for almost 25 years. 

Time-tested, bottom-line effective. ToolBank drives progress. 

Become a ToolBanker today with a pledge to donate $10 (or more!) monthly, for 12 months. Or give a one-time gift of $120 (or more!). Then, sit back and watch your money grow - into thousands of real projects, touching real lives. 

In fact, take the ToolBanker pledge today, and in six months, check out your investment portfolio. We know you'll find cleaner parks, revitalized neighborhoods, better play spaces, and so much more. Don't agree? Well, we'll stop your pledge payments immediately. 

Your Atlanta Community ToolBank - the bank you can always trust.

Congrats Friends of Kittredge Park and Laurel Ridge Elementary School
Two Brand New Playgrounds! #WithMyToolBank

Thank you tool-lending supporters.



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